How to Haiku

As you may already know, my favourite style of poetry is free verse. I've never been very good at following rules, so naturally as a writer I drifted towards a style that allowed me the creative freedom I needed to express myself. With that being said, I do try and push myself to write other [...]

It’s not just grey and squishy: Why the mind matters.

We all have bad days. Maybe something exceptionally terrible happened, or maybe you're facing a mountain of minuscule frustrations. Maybe it's something completely different. What you're facing, however, is irrelevant. I don't mean this in the sense that your experiences aren't difficult. What I'm saying is that your perception of the experience is far more [...]

Why Educators are Important

With the release of my third book "North of Dreams" set for tomorrow and school starting in a few weeks, I have been doing a little reflection on how I came to be here. Not too long ago, a friend posted about how one year can do a lot to a person, and it hit [...]

15 Ways to Make it Through the Art of the Book Fair

A few months back the Silverleaf Writer's Guild put out an add in newspapers across the region looking for authors to be featured at the Second Annual Northern Ontario Book Fair. I jumped on the opportunity and submitted my application the same day I saw the posting. Nine authors total would be selected to attend [...]

The Journey is Still Beginning

Words. Thought. Language. I often wonder where we would be without these things. Even with a decent vocabulary it's hard to find ways to express yourself properly sometimes, or describe something perfectly. I love words. They are a part of almost every moment of our day - from the audible curse at your alarm clock [...]